Gay and Bisexual Men

Growing up gay or bisexual raises special challenges for men wanting to be whole and integrated. You had to shut down or disconnect from parts of yourselves to survive in a homophobic culture. And survive you did. You may have even built a community of good friends and a “good life” for yourself. But eventually you may find yourself feeling anxiety, depression, frustration, unhappiness or a sense of aimlessness that won’t go away. This is often a sign that what you needed to do to survive isn’t working for you anymore.

Helping gay and bisexual men find their way to wholeness is one of my specialties.

Issues I work with include:

  • Coming out
  • Gay relationships
  • Shame and Self-esteem
  • Masculinity issues
  • Sex addiction and other shadow aspects of sexuality
  • Unhealthy use of drugs and alcohol
  • Overcoming self-judgment
  • Bisexuality and marriage conflicts
  • Gay parenting
  • Mid-life crisis
  • Aging gracefully
  • Spirituality