Everyone is welcome. Gay, straight, bisexual, single, married, polyamorous, open relationships, alternative sexualities—I’m good at connecting with men from all walks of life.


I’m a real guy who will interact with you like a real person. I’ll tell you what I think.


We work according to clear goals. Set them in the first session. Not navel-gazing.


Not cookie cutter. Every man, every journey is different. As your guide, I honor what is unique about you.

Team Work

There’s no competition or judgment coming from me. Even as I challenge you to grow, the work that we do together puts us on the same team.

What Works

I have a range of things in my toolbox . I’m not locked into a style or school of psychology. I use what works.

Power of the Unconscious

The unconscious is a powerful force that can work for us or against us. By making friends with it, we can live more in alignment with our true desires. By ignoring it, we are out of synch with ourselves.


My natural, deep intuition is my best asset, and combined with my years of experience working with men, helps me know where to look, what to ask, and how to proceed. My formal training was valuable, but my gut instinct is essential to what we do.

Listening to the Body

The mind is beautiful and powerful, but so is the body—though what it knows and feels is often ignored or rejected. Learning to listen to it is part of the path to wholeness.

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is a passion of mine. I never tire of studying new things, whether it’s on the forefront of knowledge or from the ancient wisdom.